Personalised Customisation

With our team of experts at Aspire Design you become part of the design team to create your dream SUV

At Aspire Design, we know you spend a lot of time driving your car and we know you want your car to be the last word in luxury just like your home. Here at Aspire Design, we want to make your car an extension of your home with the type of high end luxury only you can dream of. If you want your car to reflect your luxury lifestyle you have come to the right place.

Unique Couture

Design Our customised Body Styling programs are unique in the market. Our team of design consultants will consult with you directly to ascertain exactly what your vision for your vehicle is. We can design a bespoke limited edition couture design which is unique to you. If you would like particular emblems used to reflect your business or lifestyle, we can design and integrate these into your luxury vehicle. Our exterior body styling can be designed and sprayed with the emblems and symbols of your choice. If you would like your very own Rolls Royce style iconic Silver Lady (Spirit of Ecstasy), our designers can create one in a likeness of your choice.

Create Your Own Unique Vision

Whether you would like bespoke interior lighting or jewel encrusted upholstery, this can be created for you by our interior designers. We can work with you to design your dream vision for your vehicle. Whatever your vision for your vehicle, our consultants and designers will work with you to deliver a unique body styling experience just for you. No other body styling company offers this unique service only Aspire Design.

You design your dream

Our team of talented designers and engineers  can take you through each stage of the body styling process and ensure that your exacting requirements are exceeded at every stage. We will advise and bring you new ideas which you had never even dreamed were possible.

We can replace all interior upholstery and have seating redesigned to your specifications. If you want to add a range of personalised crystal or gem encrusted accessories to match your newly redesigned vehicle we can arrange this for you. We can even redesign the lighting within your vehicle and boot to reflect the customised interior of the vehicle and provide customised accessories to match so that your car becomes an extension of your home or business.

Make your SUV an extension of your home…

Just as an architect can redesign a home, we can redesign your SUV and bring it into a new high end luxury level so that you will adore being behind the wheel of your very own customised vehicle. Your car can be as unique as your personality. Dream up your very own vision and we will make your dreams a reality.

One-off Couture design

If couture fashion is your passion, we can design a one off couture car conversion unique to you. We will take a brand new Range rover Sport and perform a full body restyle and interior customisation personally for you. Our “Aspire Elite” customisation concept brings a personal design concept range to your vehicle. If you can dream it, our team can create it.