The Exotic, Powerful & Beautifully Crafted Rolls-Royce Ghost Body Kit

24 December, 2014

The British luxury saloon, Rolls-Royce Ghost, is magnificent, graceful when in motion and a beauty to watch. Building a great body style for this elegant car requires a forward thinking company that pays particular attention to detail and has a penchant for quality of the highest standards.

Aspire Design Rolls-Royce Ghost body styling is the culmination of years of quality engineering design and effort to create a show stopper that boasts power and elegance. The customisation program for this vehicle includes exclusive body styling and a gently modified restyle that makes it look bigger and more imposing. The interior features additional control units that deliver on performance, a sporty chassis and luxurious accessories.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost comes with a few modifications from its predecessors and we refine each model to ensure that each component is fitted precisely creating an ambient atmosphere inside and a stunning look on the outside. At Aspire Designs, we create a customised body styling process to suit our customers’ needs.

Our customised Ghost front apron has been carefully designed to create a striking and visually imposing style. The large air inlets create an impression of a wider front section while the fitted LED luminous display increases visibility as well making it stunning to watch in motion. The newly designed side skirts bring it closer to the ground, which complements its cruising grace in urban or a scenic countryside. In addition, they create and distribute the traction force throughout the vehicle, making it more stable at all times.

The front bonnet is extra light and features the custom Rolls-Royce grill designs, albeit with additional customisation in both colour and design. In addition, the new carbon bonnet is lighter than the original Rolls-Royce Ghost front bonnet, which is a positive consideration for those who want a rapid vehicles. New gently widening carbon wings that complement the new design further reinforce its imposing stance.

On the rear end, the new Aspire Design Rolls-Royce Ghost body styling comprises an integrated diffuser that leaves enough space for fitting four exhaust pipes. This section is made from stainless steel, which is strong, durable and adds a sleek look to the vehicle. At high speeds, a subtle rear spoiler adds greater stability. Most of the aerodynamic components are made from carbon which is essential for improving performance and reducing weight.

The newly fitted exhaust unit optimises engine performance. Driving is more enjoyable thanks to the improvements that see it sprint from 0 to 60 miles (100km) in 4.3 seconds while its top speed hits 280km/h. Improved traction makes it easier to navigate even the sharpest bends. To enhance stability the vehicle’s centre of gravity has also been lowered.

The interior section features a newly designed and improved ergonomic sports steering wheel. Since it is the first part to be seen whenever anyone looks into the driver’s cockpit, its new design will not only be a highlight but comfortable to handle and highly responsive. We have many kinds of materials in stock that you can choose from for interior modifications. Depending on your choice, we aim to provide unforgettable designs that will improve your vehicle’s value as well as enhancing its good looks. We work every step of the way to provide a quality body styling experience.

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