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Volcanic Black Aspire ceramic dipped exhausts for the Range Rover Sport

22 October, 2015

Because the innovation never ends, unique ultra innovative ceramic dipped exhausts in VOLCANIC BLACK  colour are now available to dress up your ASPIRE Range Rover Sport.

What the ceramic dipped coating is?

First of all the ceramic dipped exhaust is a handmade Aspire exclusive body part that nobody else will be able to offer you.

More precisely a ceramic coat is a strong thermal protection from the unwanted heat loss. This heat saving is reached by dipping the exhaust in a ceramic liquid solution that will cover it giving a mat or shiny finish in the colour you prefer. Yes you have read well. The coating is not just a barrier but a very refined decoration as well. It may have different colours in base on your tastes and on what in your Range Rovers Sport fit better.



.When the innovation meets the style – The dipping process

.It’s the time to understand better about how this “piece of art” is made.

.In order to achieve the highest exhaust performance a very specific and accurate process take .place in the Aspire laboratories. The first step consist in the application of a thermal holder .solution that will allow you a massive heat saving ( approximately the 33%) and a .better adherence of the ceramic coat.  After that the exhaust is entirely dipped in the liquid .ceramic solution and, once it is all covered, it is cured and dip-quenched.  Here we are! Your .inimitable ceramic dipped exhaust is ready to be settled and showed.





A multi-benefits exhaust1image14

As soon as you get your own exhausts you will be able to appreciate the multiple benefits it does offer you.

  • Substantial and lower exhaust temperatures ( approximately 33% less)
  • Reduced lightweight
  • Defense for the closest sensitive components
  • Enhanced performance
  • Fast cooling of the exhaust once the engine is turned off


The Aspire team would be glad to discuss and explain you more in order to help you and get the best fashionable result you can have. So just choose your favorite colour and let us to know!



Phone number: 0160 477 9818


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