29 November, 2017

Amidst the doom-and-gloom of Brexit, Aspire Bespoke are looking to a future that is further afield. November 2017 has seen the first of Aspire’s bespoke body modification kits sold and fitted in Hong Kong.

In a country where registration tax can reach 115% of the value of the car, luxury vehicle owners in Hong Kong want to make a statement with their purchase, using Aspire’s bespoke body modification kits to add a superior degree of individuality and style.

This particular project was classed as a “Stage 3” build, which includes carbon-crafted front and rear bumpers and a specially tailored rear diffuser on top of Aspire’s exclusive 22” concave wheels; extra features that are guaranteed to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. After completing the modifications, Aspire’s Chinese client’s Range Rover is now on the road in Hong Kong, with a presence and elegance to rival the stunning cityscape skyline.

Exporting to Hong Kong represents the start of a professional relationship with a quality-approved bodystyling partner based in the region, and a hopeful future for Director Ajay Vasdev. In the coming months, Mr Vasdev plans to travel to Hong Kong to seek further business in the Far East. He also has his sights set on travelling to South Korea and Japan to explore the luxury automotive market opportunities there, as the market share of high-end SUVs and crossovers in the Asia-Pacific region is steadily increasing.

As Aspire’s prestigious reputation and UK-wide presence has grown over the past few years, their exclusive products have been shipped and sold to customers throughout Europe and South Africa. Expanding sales into Asia has proved easier than anticipated according to Mr Vasdev, who said, “Shipping to Hong Kong was surprisingly straightforward, we use a shipping agent who deals with all the paperwork.” He encourages other UK-based manufacturers to look to the Asian markets for future opportunities, particularly in the luxury lifestyle sector.

As one of the world’s largest financial centres, Hong Kong boasts one of the highest numbers of billionaires per capita (compared in US dollars) in the world, second only to Monaco. This high concentration of wealth puts Hong Kong at the centre of fashion, style and luxury living in the Asia-Pacific region. The market for luxury lifestyle products in Hong Kong is also strongly influenced by women, with Hong Kong and China topping the lists for the number of female billionaires in 2017. This is a market that Aspire are hoping to focus on, allowing clients to add a more feminine touch to the interiors of their luxury vehicles, while maintaining their striking exterior appearance.

In a city where East meets West, consumers in Hong Kong are looking for the quality that British-made brands such as Range Rover are famous for. Aspire body modification kits are designed to complement the engineering excellence of Range Rover, and are also designed and manufactured in the UK. Aspire are looking to a future of incorporating the style and class of British design into the Asian market.

Aspire have recently introduced their online 360 design studio (in collaboration with Threedium, a London-based software developer) so that customers can configure their interior and exterior modifications from anywhere in the world. You can discuss your requirements with their experienced design team and have high-quality parts and accessories produced in the UK, then have them shipped and fitted by Aspire’s approved and vetted contractors in your region.

Start your Aspire journey today by contacting one of Aspire’s Sales or Export representatives.

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