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Aspire to The Personal Touch

22 May, 2017

The Personal Touch

Range Rover Body Kits

Here at Aspire Design, we have been working very hard behind the scenes to create something brand new to the UK Market to add the personal touch for all of our clients. We specialise in high end Range Rover body kits and it is important that the clients experience exceeds their expectations. This is why here at Aspire we are currently developing our Online Design Platform. This will take Aspire to the next level as it will allow our clients to design their car online through our website. Every client will able to view the design in full 360° and will be able to add and modify each component of the Aspire Body Kit. Every client will be able to customise every component to whatever colour and type they would like. We really believe that this allows clients to create their own vision for their Bespoke Aspire Range Rover. Our specialist design team are able to then turn the clients dream into a reality.


This system currently in Beta testing is due to launch in Summer 2017 and will revolutionise the Aspire Customer Journey. Initial tests have proved highly successful and we are very excited to launch this technology. With every Aspire Modified Range Rover Body Kits being unique, we felt it important that Customers can truly personalise their experience.


Managing Director of Aspire, Ajay Vasdev had this to say about the technology “The Aspire Design Platform is an amazing piece of technology. The team in Germany have been working very hard over the past few months to create something that we can be proud of. The Aspire Range Rover Body Kit really represents luxury in its very essence and it is important that the customer experience reflects that. Every Aspire Bespoke Range Rover Body Kit is really individual and this revolutionary piece of software will allow customers to experience this.”


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