Aspire Design Release The Ultimate SVR Experience

5 January, 2017

Range Rover SVR by Aspire Design‘Aspire Design…. Make every journey extraordinary with excellence in British bespoke automotive design and manufacture.’


Aspire U.K Design House is proud to release our Ultimate SVR experience, making this a unique vehicle for the U.K and international market. Every element of the original SVR has been looked at and improved, starting with our exterior body styling program for the SVR.


We have transformed the Range Rover with a full Carbon conversion, interior and exterior, creating a distinctive look and setting us apart from the competition.

Our Aspire front bumper enhances the aggressive nature of the vehicle and contains the LED Daylight Running Lights which leads to our bespoke front grill and badges. The carbon bonnet vents have been extended to follow the flow of the bonnet. We have our distinctive lower door mouldings to give the vehicle depth and a wider appearance without the need for a wide body conversion. Aspire custom forged wheels can be customer specific with any colour or design while going up to an incredible 24” wheel. The two rear spoilers compliment the look of the SVR monster and changes from just a car to a true supercar.


We at Aspire are excited to introduce some new partnerships who we have worked alongside to create the ultimate SVR. Many people are in awe of the sound of the SVR and QuickSilver’s SVR system takes Range Rover’s flagship model to the next level!


By removing any artificial restriction from the rear of the exhaust, QuickSilver’s SVR system creates a deep, muscular tone that rises throughout the rev range and feels firmly connected to the driver’s right foot. Mandrel bent, T304 grade stainless curves aid gas-flow whilst accentuating crackle on overrun and up-shift through distinctive, matte carbon, quad-tips which can be branded with whatever the customer desires such as name or intials, making this a bespoke option.


The Quicksilver SVR sytem increrases decibels high through the rev range as indiciated in the table below.


Factory Exhaust QuickSilver Sport System
Idle 82.5 dB 82 dB
2000 81 dB 89 dB
3000 86 dB 94 dB
4000 89 dB 99 dB
Blip 102.6 dB 107 dB






We are also in partnership with RaceChips to supply our Aspire performance tuning box. This will unleash the SVR’s true potential and give your engine maximum performance by increasing BHP and torque.


Today’s engines are controlled electronically using software. RaceChip’s plug-in devices access this software via specially developed mini-computers which are as advanced and sophisticated as state-of-the-art OEM systems fitted by leading manufacturers.


The RaceChip receives data from the ECU (control box from the car) and optimizes these. The Injection volume, duration of injection and the boost will be changed by the RaceChip. The result is a Range Rover with supercar figures with 630BHP and increased torque.


We are Unleashing the Ultimate Aspire SVR to the market making this a unique vehicle that nobody else has in the market place.

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