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21 July, 2017

The retail experience of the automotive industry is undergoing a bit of a face-lift. With developments in technology, a surge in the cost of retail space and a need to please time-poor clients that are constantly on the go; producing engaging customer experiences has now more than ever become a key differentiator.

Aspire, a leading producer of luxury bespoke automotive Range Rover body kits and interiors has adopted such an approach by collaborating with a digital customer experience company Threedium in collaboration with Modular to introduce a new customer experience with a 3D configurator.

The majority of Aspire´s customers first encounter the brand through the worldwide dealers and relied on the Aspire Design Studio to go through the options. This led to Aspire realising the value of introducing a true omni-channel experience by integrating the best of both the physical and online stores and channelling the online/mobile awareness into the overall engagement.

Now a customer can begin configuring their Aspire Range Rover online and they can review it with a member of the Aspire Design team, whilst having access to the configuration they first started online. The Aspire 3D configurator allows the customers´ desires to be immediately reflected in real-time, allowing for a true reflection of what the end product will look like.  Ultimately, Aspire’s 3D configurator will exist in multiple retail environments including the website, in store, on mobile and promotional events.

For the first time, Aspire’s clients will be empowered to discover the superior qualities and customisation possibilities on any touchpoint. Threedium is paving the way for Aspire to enhance its customer experience, ensuring that the interaction with all sales channels is seamless.

Nowadays, luxury is not just about price; luxury has moved to exclusivity – the exclusivity that comes hand-in-hand with owning something rare and extraordinary that no one else has. Luxury has become personal, something for the individual rather than the masses. Aspire in collaboration with Threedium, now provides the opportunity for customers to create their own luxurious, exclusive Range Rovers.

Threedium (Click Here To Find Out More) is a customer experience company with a strong focus on 3D technology, Threedium helps leading brands by bringing technology and human connections together to create amazing customer experiences, deepen customer engagement, and drive growth. Because an exceptional customer experience is more than the sum of its parts, they help companies to orchestrate every interaction, across all channels to create an experience that keeps customers satisfied. With Aspire’s expertise in bespoke luxury auto parts and Threedium’s  deep understanding of technology, Aspire’s digital experience follows the incredible service it provides for their customers.

Visit www.aspire-design.co.uk to begin 3D journey and experience customisation like never before! Experience this revolutionary industry leading technology.


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